Public Spaces, Entitlement, and Sharing

In case you haven’t seen it, watch this video from AngryMutation of a driver angrily abusing some children who are doing cycle training:

What I think is interesting is that the driver insists on referring to the road as “My lane”; the implication being that cycles and cyclists have no place on the road, or at best are simply tolerated if the driver is feeling generous.

It is lost on her that the roads are public spaces for all of us to use, and she has no rights over other road users just because she is in a car.

It’s pretty depressing to think that someone holds these views. These children are undergoing training that has been proven to reduce road casualties, and everyone should be encouraging as many people as possible to receive training like this if they want to take up cycling.

I hope that the driver looks back on this incident and is utterly ashamed of themselves.


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