Driver who killed Alan Neve should never have been employed as HGV driver

In June 2013, Barry Meyer drove the HGV he was driving into Alan Neve, killing him.

Mr Meyer jumped a red light, was uninsured and unlicenced (for that class of vehicle), and failed to see Mr Neve, driving straight into him.

Unfortunately, this post is going to be depressing reading.
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“CCTV In Car Witness” and Red Carpet Chauffeurs attempt to capitalise on cyclist’s death

A Secret Cyclist retweeted this from CCTV in car Witness earlier today:

It is identical to another tweet from Red Carpet VIP Chauffeur.

The background is that yesterday, the third cyclist in as many weeks was killed in London by a truck. Tragic and horrible, as any normal human would agree. To attempt to use such an event to sell your product is crass, insensitive, and simply disgusting.

Safe to say that I will never be taking any of my business to either of these companies, and I would urge other people to similarly boycott them.

Lenient Sentencing

Imagine I am responsible for a machine. A dangerous machine that, if operated carelessly, could injure or kill someone. This machine is only operated under the terms of a licence, which the authorities have the right to revoke should I show that I am unable of operating it safely.

Then imagine that I did in fact kill someone through the careless operation of that machine.

Furthermore, imagine that I had previously killed someone else with the same machine.

Do you think I would ever be allowed to operate that machine again?

Well, that’s exactly what happened in the case of Gary McCourt. He killed a cyclist in 1986, and then, in 2011 he killed again, when he killed Audrey Fife, a 75 year old from Edinburgh.

He was found guilty of causing death by careless driving. He received a 5 year driving ban, and 300 hours community service.

How anyone can view this as anything other than a scandalous dereliction of duty by the judge, is beyond me.

I could have accepted a non-custodial sentence, if a lifetime driving ban had been handed down, but this person could be back behind the wheel in 5 years.

Furthermore, the judge made the following astonishing comment in his judgement:

Mrs Fyfe wasn’t to blame in any way for the accident. However, she was not wearing a safety helmet and that, in my view, contributed to her death

A helmet isn’t a legal requirement for cyclists, and there is no evidence from the trial to suggest that it would have helped in this case. This is purely the judge’s opinion, and in my view, is despicable victim-blaming. Would he suggest that a gunshot victim was to blame for their own death because they were not wearing a bulletproof vest?

We urgently need stronger sentencing, and lifetime driving bans, in cases like this.