Driver who killed Alan Neve should never have been employed as HGV driver

In June 2013, Barry Meyer drove the HGV he was driving into Alan Neve, killing him.

Mr Meyer jumped a red light, was uninsured and unlicenced (for that class of vehicle), and failed to see Mr Neve, driving straight into him.

Unfortunately, this post is going to be depressing reading.
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Make pedestrian helmets compulsory says police chief Sir Graham Dim

A police chief has gone head-to-head with Cambridge’s MP after calling for compulsory pedestrian helmets.

Sir Graham Dim, Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Sir Graham Dim, Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, wants a change in the law to force walkers to wear helmets.

But Liberal Democrat Julian Huppert, Cambridge’s MP, a keen walker who does not wear a helmet while walking in the city, says any law would backfire.

Conservative Sir Graham says the injuries caused by walking accident head wounds seen by his doctor son helped convince him helmets should be compulsory.

Sir Graham said: “I do think that wearing a pedestrian helmet should be compulsory. The damage that can be done if a pedestrian hits their head on a kerb can be terrible.

“My son has worked as an accident and emergency doctor and has seen the consequences of head injuries. When you think about it in those terms it seems obvious that a helmet should be worn.

“I certainly wear one when I am walking. It should be safety first all the time.”

Many trips and falls survivors and charities have said that helmets provide vital protection.

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